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Sunday, January 15, 2006



Date of visit: January 15, 2006, lunch

I'd heard a lot about this tiny Middle Eastern restaurant in my neighborhood, but never tried it until today.
Upon walking inside, I was pleasantly surprised that it's much cuter inside than I'd thought from peering in the windows. It's not tiny and claustrophobic as I'd expected, but warm and cozy and clean without seeming antiseptic.
I had a falafel sandwich that consisted of falafel, lettuce, tomato, and tahini sauce wrapped up in -- this is the best part -- a freshly-made soft fluffy pita. The bread was obviously very fresh and managed to reach the perfect balance of flaky and elastic. The falafel balls also tasted fresh and were not greasy nor mushy. The tahini sauce was pretty run-of-the-mill: very good, but nothing spectacular. Overall the flavors blended together well, but were very mild. No garlickiness that you find in some falafel. It was great gentle food if you're hung over (like I was), and it was a nice change not to have post-falafel garlic breath.
I'd like to rate the sandwich higher than those at Bread & Olive in midtown because of the incredible bread, but I don't think I can because Bread & Olive wins me over with their garlicky falafel (I love it despite the ill effects on my breath) and the pickled radish they put in the sandwich. However, I'll definitely return to Moustache, and look forward to more bread and to trying their hummus.


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