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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Washington Square Park Dosa Cart

I had been reading about the Dosa Cart in WSP at Sullivan St. and W 4th St. for years. I had walked by many times as it was closing up, or when I didn't have time to stop, or once when I realized as I approached that I didn't have any cash and that it was unlikely that they would take credit cards.

One time when I was particularly hungry and I walked by as the Dosa Cart proprietor was closing up, and I tried to convince him to make me a dosa anyway. He explained to me that I need to come earlier in the day, and in my desperate hunger I whined something like "but I work during the day." Fortunately I stopped short of stomping my feet and yelling "that's so unfair!" but needless to say, I was unsuccessful at getting a dosa.

Finally, last fall I was walking through the park on a Saturday when there was a street fair on W. 4th Street. And the Dosa Cart was there. I happily waited 15 minutes or so for my freshly-made masala dosa. I was amazed that it was only $4. I think they could easily charge double that. Everything served is vegan, with signs all over the cart announcing that.

The dosa was delicious and came with a yummy coconut chutney and a sambar soup. It was all nicely flavorful (although it could have been spicier) and not at all greasy.

I look forward to trying other flavors of dosas, if I can ever get there again when the cart is open...

dosa cart


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