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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Negril is a Caribbean restaurant on W. 3rd St. It was a little fancier than I expected, with the decor very glossy and carefully planned. It was very dark in there (ambiance, I guess), which made it hard to photograph my food.

I had roti filled with curried vegetables and tofu. It was good but too salty. There wasn't a lot of tofu in it, but the tofu was cooked perfectly. I couldn't actually identify any of the vegetables because they were cooked quite a bit...and the darkness probably also had something to do with it. The roti was also really big; I think it's probably one of the best values on the menu since it was so large and only $12.

Roti with vegetable and tofu curry

We also had mango mojitos (you can see the carafe in the picture), which were REALLY sweet. I didn't try the regular flavor, though, so maybe that one's better.

Both the menu on Negril's webpage and the one on menupages list a grilled vegetable sandwich that sounds vegan, but it wasn't on the menu at the restaurant. The roti was really my only option aside from a salad.

The other notable thing about Negril is that they add the tip onto your matter what the size of your party. We were pretty surprised (and a little outraged) since it really seemed improper. I think it's the first restaurant I've been too that adds the tip automatically to all bills.

My food was pretty good, but I wasn't crazy about the rest of my Negril experience. I would maybe go back for brunch or something, when hopefully the place would have more light and be a little more relaxed.


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