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Monday, May 21, 2007


Side of salads from 'snice

'Snice is a cute little vegetarian sandwich shop in the West Village. They have lots of tables, most of which are usually full of people with their laptops. It gets very crowded in there, especially around lunch time. It can be very noisy, too. It has no kitchen, just a (very small) area with a microwave, panini press, and cutting board. It's pretty impressive that they have as varied a menu as they do with so little in the way of cooking facilities.

The menu can be a bit hit or miss, though. I've had some terrible sandwiches there (the sesame "chicken," buffalo "chicken," and tempeh wrap come to mind). But some of the sandwiches are really good. My favorites are the vegan panini, which is really delicious but far too greasy, and the philly style seitan sandwich.

Vegan panini

Seitan Philly from 'Snice

They have three side salads available everyday, and you can get a container of one, two, or all three. Most of them are really good. The bread salad is my favorite, but the ones below, a pasta asparagus salad, a broccoli salad, and a rice salad, were all very good, too.

side of salds from 'Snice

A huge weakness at 'Snice is their baked goods. I've (foolishly) tried them several times, and every time they're terrible. They have some cute vegan cupcakes, but the cake part tastes like it came straight out of an artificially-flavored box mix and the icing tastes like crisco. I had a very hard dry chocolate peanut butter cookie once. And, not having learned my lesson from that, I recently tried this (huge) very hard dry lemon chai sandwich cookie. It was like eating cardboard. I've now learned my lesson well enough to not try any more of their baked goods.

Lemon Chai sandwich cookie


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