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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Soy Luck Club

I've been curious about this place for quite awhile and finally decided to go there. It's a cute little cafe/sandwich and coffee shop. Like the name implies, they have a lot of soy products, but the place is by no means strictly vegan or even vegetarian. They have a bunch of sandwiches and panini on the menu, most of which contain meat and cheese, but they note that they can sub soy chicken and soy cheese for those items. However, it's really up to the orderer to figure out which sandwiches will work out best with the soy chicken and soy cheese. The freedom is nice, but I would have appreciated some vegan sandwiches on the menu that they had thought out and intentionally put together, other than a hummus sandwich (yawn).

The person taking my order was as unhelpful as could be, aside from impatiently answering my questions about which items are vegan and which aren't. I ended up with a sandwich containing soy chicken, avocado, cucumber, dill, and soy yogurt. I was surprised by how good the soy chicken reminded me of the tofurkey deli slices but thicker and better. I had ordered the sandwich because I wanted something containing avocado, but it barely had any on it. The sandwich was fine, but probably not something I would order again.

vegan sandwich from soy luck club

I also tried a panini. I had one with soy chicken, soy cheese (vegan), basil, and tomatoes. This was actually really tasty. The soy cheese was surprisingly good, and the whole thing had a yummy tomato basil flavor.

vegan panini from soy luck club

The strawberry coconut "soyafrost" I had was also good...basically soymilk and strawberry coconut flavor blended with ice. They had a lot of vegan baked goods there, but I didn't try any.

Overall, the sandwiches were okay, but I was so annoyed at how unaccommodating the place was, despite specifically having soy chicken and soy cheese for vegans, that I don't want to go back. The panini was good, but 'Snice is nearby and has a lot more vegan sandwiches available.


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