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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Visit Date: January 30, 2006, evening

Bubble tea! Yum!

After sitting in class for 2 hours and watching (and listening to) someone slurp down a juice box the whole time, I found myself wanting something sweet and fruity. So I stopped at Cassava (website and reviews on menupages) and got a pineapple passionfruit bubble tea.
Okay, first of all, if you've never had bubble tea? Go get some. Now. The chewy tapioca is so much fun!

Bubble tea is available all over in Chinatown, but there I usually see it as the variety with "milk" in it. Maybe the milkless variety is available in those places, but I've never noticed it. I like Cassava because they have several flavors of bubble tea that are milkless. One time I even got a bubble green tea with no sweetener, since I love green tea plain. It just wasn't right. The giant tapioca can't quite stand on it's own. It needs something sweet to really bring out the yumminess.

At Cassava they say that their "milk" tea is made with non-dairy creamer. I asked if they knew if it's vegan or if it may contain casein, but they don't know. If they're calling it "non-dairy creamer," I'm going to assume that it's that same gross stuff that people put in coffee that's laden with corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and casein.

As with all take-out items, there's the problem of packaging. At least this plastic cup can be recycled, though, unlike a lot of those juice places that use styrofoam.


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